Make Your Construction Project A Win Before You Ever Begin

Without early collaboration in construction, a vacuum is created. Then team members resort to their own independent work routines and practices. That’s when a whole host of things can go wrong.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Discover the true cost or calculated savings over the life of your building before you break ground.

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Speed to Market

Build faster and open up new markets in far less time, without sacrificing quality, to seize a competitive advantage.

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Global Risk

Capture increasing sales opportunities overseas by identifying, and then mitigating, knowable risk exposures.

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Lean Into New Construction Opportunities for Greater Speed, Productivity & Success

Lean construction practices can completely transform conventional construction realities by delivering increased advantages that can be seen almost immediately. The most important are reduced costs and speed of completion.

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Global Construction Risks:
A Survivor’s Guide

Successfully designing and erecting a quality building in an emerging economy requires a lot to go right

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Growing Businesses Build with Speed

The time is long passed when C-suite executives had the luxury to mull over decisions or gather in boardrooms to discuss a strategic construction initiative only to then adjourn and decide to pick up the discussion the following quarter.

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India Is the Great New Consumer Frontier, But What Does That Mean for MNCs?

Thundering past a threshold of explosive growth, and recently surpassing China as the world’s fastest-growing economy, the country of India has caused major multinational corporations (MNCs) to sit up and take notice.

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Imagine Duplicating Results Like These:

  • 500,000 ft2 building retrofit
  • $0 capital investment
  • 63% reduction in energy expenditures
  • $11,000/mo. energy savings
  • $108,000 upfront utility rebate
  • Plus $300,000 in tax deductions*

*See EPAct 179d.

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Expedited Construction Requires These:

  1. 1 The right team at the table
  2. 2 Collaborative, simultaneous construction process
  3. 3 Optimal value chain for lean project cycle time


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Paying the Price for Corruption in Overseas Market Construction

Of all the risks multinational companies face when building in markets overseas, by far the most costly (yet ironically, one of the most controllable) stems from violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), whether bribery, fraudulent books and records, or lax or improper internal control systems.

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