Putting Automotive OEMs and Tier Suppliers on the Fast Track


Many hundreds of different parts go into the creation of every car, truck and SUV. Take away a few of those parts and it’s not the same vehicle.

This analogy is also perfect for describing the ideal, fast-track facilities construction benefits that Butler Manufacturing provides for automotive OEMs, along with Tier One, Tier Two and other suppliers. The Butler total package (sum of the parts) gives automotive suppliers a distinct, speed-to-market advantage when building manufacturing plants or distribution centers, globally.

It’s not one thing. It’s everything.

To understand the reasons behind the advantage, it’s helpful to look at the individual parts, or capabilities, that make a total automotive/OEM facility construction solution.


Most large building contractors can construct a facility to meet your specifications.


Many can even meet your accelerated construction timeline without sacrificing quality or exploding your budget.


Fewer have the capacity, builder/supply network, or experience to build your facilities anywhere in the world.


Even fewer can control the supply chain and erection cycle times, or verify the energy-reducing performance of engineered building systems.


Finally, it’s very rare to find a single source that can accomplish all the above while still offering additional, unexpected benefits.

Doing bigger and faster, better

By featuring a design-build with systems construction process, many weeks – if not months – can be taken out of aggressive build schedules compared to the time-consuming conventional construction cycle of design, approve, bid, engineer, re-design, re-bid, fabricate and erect.

With design-build, costs are established early on while other processes proceed. Time isn’t lost waiting on certain suppliers to complete their tasks before another can begin.

Another plus is that Butler is already established in international markets, including Mexico, where several major OEMs are investing in manufacturing facilities. Strategically locating in logistical proximity to those OEMs can give Tier suppliers a significant edge.

Butler Manufacturing offers on-the-ground, local knowledge; a ready-to-build capability; streamlined process; and the systems to quickly erect a 100,000 – 200,000 ft2 (or larger) open-space building in two-thirds of the time of conventional construction. But there’s more to being a perfect match for automotive manufacturers than speed.

Low-rise, clear-span, commercial/industrial, metal and masonry buildings make up the largest percentage of Butler Manufacturing’s business. These attributes also happen to be the most common for buildings in the automotive manufacturing industry. It means that Butler is already very familiar with OEM requirements and understands what it takes to achieve the best results.

Systems are a big part of the solution.

Being a single-source supplier for design, engineering and fabrication of building systems allows Butler Manufacturing to deliver a turnkey building package without relying on a raft of independent suppliers to handle piecemeal elements, which only adds time, cost and opportunity for error.

Moreover, the tested and proven insulating performance of Butler wall and roof systems is an invaluable asset, especially with new, more stringent building energy codes requiring increasingly higher R-values.


Butler can achieve interior bay spans of up to 60 feet of uninterrupted space with the Landmark™ 2000 Structural System, which combines solid-web steel framing with an open-web Truss Purlin XT™ System, affording tremendous load-bearing capacity. Of course, the larger, more open spaces that a building design calls for, the more likely roof issues will occur.

The MR-24 standing seam metal roof system by Butler is the most durable, longest-lasting in commercial/industrial construction. In fact, it has proven in-place performance of up to 40+ years, which is twice to three times as long as conventional roofs. This translates to as much as 90% savings on roof maintenance/replacement costs.

When the SunLite Strip® daylighting system is also incorporated in the MR-24 roof system, and lighting control systems are added, energy savings are greatly enhanced – cutting lighting expenses up to 70%.


Also, by requiring less steel in the building design, the cost is lower. A more open interior gives automotive OEMs almost unlimited flexibility to move or reconfigure manufacturing processes, when necessary, without affecting the building shell. In addition, Butler building systems give OEMs and parts manufacturers flexibility for trouble-free, affordable facility expansion as business grows.

The complete package for automotive OEMs and parts suppliers

As you decide to build manufacturing and distribution facilities in the U.S. or abroad, it makes sense to look at all the factors that impact construction: speed, cost and performance. Butler has demonstrated impressive results in hundreds of projects for some to the biggest names in the automotive industry. It’s why most of those customers have continued their collaboration and professional relationship with Butler.

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