Can One Company Answer All Data Center Construction Challenges?


Many large contractors have the knowledge and experience to solve a few of these challenges, but can they offer a tradeoff free, preferred-case situation?

Consider your most urgent needs:

  • Expansive, clear-span spaces
  • Low total cost of ownership (low energy & maintenance costs)
  • Rapid deployment and/or scalability
  • Clean, thermal-efficient environment
  • Repeatable model for lower-cost, multi-facility distribution (ability to build anywhere)

The Data Is In:
One Resource Answers All of Your Data Center Requirements


Answer for speed to market

Butler Manufacturing is the industry leader in design-build engineered systems construction, which provides many time- and cost-saving efficiencies versus conventional construction. It means data center facilities can be built to the same specifications and design parameters in as much as a third less time. That’s a huge advantage when speed of deployment is so important. This engineered systems approach also makes expansion to new locations faster and easier, especially if the facility design and footprint can be standardized from site to site.

Answer for clear-span interior spaces

What’s been widely recognized as the “sweet spot” for Butler Manufacturing is large, clear-span buildings. These are possible due to Butler patented truss and structural systems that eliminate the need for support beams and allow for maximum, uninterrupted interior spaces.

Answer for lower TCO & energy efficiency

Butler specially designed thermal wall and roof systems greatly enhance energy cost savings, which is highly critical given the volume of energy required to cool and power data center servers. More importantly, Butler offers a highly accurate energy modeling tool, powered by local-level DOE2 data. It lets you look at alternative building designs and evaluate their long-term impact on lowering energy and maintenance costs, before your facility is built. It even provides information about energy rebates and tax incentives, so you can make the most informed decision about total cost of ownership implications.

Answer for latency performance

Finally, Butler has a large, dedicated U.S. builder network, as well as a global supply chain and international resources. Consequently, with a single source, you can overcome latency performance issues by strategically locating data center facilities anywhere around the country or around the world.

Intelligently Embracing Change

As the demand for data continues to grow, so does the demand for storage and cloud services. It’s why, in some cases, new data center facilities have already reached max capacity almost from the moment they become operational. New computer technologies, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, are also certain to ratchet up demand exponentially.

With all of these pressures brought to bear on data center facilities’ planning, it’s all the more imperative to choose the right construction services partner from the very beginning – one that won’t mean you have to settle.

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