Global Risk: Overcoming the Obstacles to Foreign Expansion

Overseas construction brings its own set of hazards and potential liabilities which must be addressed before they threaten the viability of your plans for emerging market development.

International building codes are often confusing or non-existent. Bribery can be rampant. Skilled labor is hard to find, and local customs can play a part in creating critical delays. It’s why global construction experience, intimate local-market knowledge and an already well-established value chain are essential to your success.

Detour Danger – Take the Safe Route to Global Construction

Promoting on-the-job safety and mitigating risk is an understandable expectation for any multinational corporation (MNC). But it’s also difficult to achieve, especially in developing countries where safety standards are lax at best, or at worst, non-existent.

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7 Safety Musts in Global Construction

Unfortunately, jobsite safety is not treated with the same degree of importance and stringency in many global regions as it is in the United States. It’s therefore incumbent on construction project owners and contracted partners to push for the highest possible safety standards as their building programs expand internationally.

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Steel Defeats Concrete in Clash of Construction Material Titans

The true heavyweights in commercial construction materials are steel and concrete. Each have their own distinct properties and advantages that make them excellent choices. However, when comparing a range of issues, advantages and specific requirements at the broadest levels, the properties of steel surpass concrete.

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Unshaken Confidence in Steel for Seismic Zone Construction

Steel and concrete are the two most prevalent types of structural support materials used in the commercial construction industry. However, given the recent, troubling increase in the number and magnitude of earthquakes occurring globally, it begs the question: Which material performs better in response to severe seismic forces?

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Prior Aviation Facility Objectives Just Won’t Fly Anymore

Today, there’s a stronger push to re-think aircraft facilities construction with an emphasis on operational efficiency and cost/risk controls. Having a construction services provider with extensive industry experience matters.

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Failure to Learn ABCs Is Much Too Risky

With the still rapid globalization of trade, more U.S. businesses are engaged in construction of warehouses, distribution centers, offices, and retail facilities around the world. However, this expansion dictates the hard-learned lessons of ABC (Anti-Bribery & Corruption).

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Global Construction Risks: A Survivor’s Guide

Successfully designing and erecting a quality building in an emerging economy requires a lot to go right, whether it’s adhering to local codes, navigating the logistics of global manufacturing and shipping, or any number of other challenges.

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Paying the Price for Corruption in Overseas Market Construction

Of all the risks multinational companies face when building in markets overseas, by far the most costly (yet ironically, one of the most controllable) stems from violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), whether bribery, fraudulent books and records, or lax or improper internal control systems.

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India Is the Great New Consumer Frontier, But What Does That Mean for MNCs?

Thundering past a threshold of explosive growth, and recently surpassing China as the world’s fastest-growing economy, the country of India has caused major multinational corporations (MNCs) to sit up and take notice.

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Constructing the Case for Managed Risk in Overseas Facilities Development

The ability for U.S. companies to push international growth strategies hinges on identification and mitigation of risk exposures. Butler’s global experience, worldwide manufacturing facilities and reliable value chain provide unparalleled levels of risk relief.

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