Lean Construction Is Far from Lean on Advantages


In addition, clearly defined goals and expectations are accounted for in the pre-construction phase. So, there’s up-front agreement on exactly what you’re going to get and how it will be achieved. Still, there’s more to consider.

8 Indisputable Benefits of Lean Construction:


  1. 1 Value engineering from project initiation
  2. 2 Improved project owner/construction team communication
  3. 3 More efficient planning and control systems
  4. 4 Greater project accountability and predictability
  5. 5 More timely materials delivery & site staging
  6. 6 Improved worker productivity and safety
  7. 7 Reduced costs & elimination of waste (time, materials & labor)
  8. 8 Radically reduced construction completion schedules

Butler Manufacturing™ specializes in systems construction, design-build solutions with an emphasis on lean construction practices. By following a well-orchestrated process that features perfect alignment of the supply chain and project sequencing, project owners can expect greater efficiency, improved risk management, predictable finished quality, and buildings completed in a third less time than conventional construction.

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