Closely Examining the World’s Most Proven, Longest-Lasting Commercial Roof System


Viewed from a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) perspective, the MR-24® standing seam roof system tops all others with documented in-place performance of over 45 years. In contrast, most conventional roofs last an average of just 15-20 years.

In other words, an initial TPO roof would need to be replaced once (possibly even twice) over the lifespan of the MR-24 roof system. Which means, maintenance and replacement cost savings of the MR-24 roof can easily amount to millions of dollars (depending on a building’s square footage).

Take a closer look at the following quality features – many of them patented – that distinguish this roof system. It’s easy to see why it’s unsurpassed in durability, longevity and TCO savings.

The difference is in the details

The following illustration points out the most critical characteristics of the MR-24 roof system.

Impressive, one-of-a-kind proof points of the MR-24 standing-seam roof system

  • More than 2 billion square feet installed worldwide
  • Twice the expected lifespan of conventional roofs
  • Fully integrated roof penetrations and trims
  • Meets most rigorous testing standards (FM, UL & ASTM)
  • Backed by an industry-leading 25-year warranty

With performance like this, it’s easy to see why the MR-24 roof system is specified more and more by architects, builders and contractors everywhere. It is, without question, the industry’s #1 standing- seam roof system.

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