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If this seems like an exaggeration, your eyes may be opened by the proven speed-to-market advantages of design-build solutions from Butler Manufacturing. This process compresses design and construction timeframes to such an extent that it’s 30% to 40% faster than conventional construction, and in some best-case scenarios, even faster than that.

What does this mean for your business? The most obvious answer is that the sooner a new manufacturing plant, distribution hub, service center or retail facility can be built; the sooner it starts generating revenue and a return on investment. This, alone, may justify the speed of design-build construction. But there’s more to the story. Butler’s systems construction approach delivers many additional efficiencies and cost savings.

“…clients are increasingly unable and unwilling to accept the protracted schedule of conventional construction.” Architectural Record, “Fast-track construction becomes the norm” by Barbara Knecht

Design-build beats conventional construction.

In conventional construction, you are dealing with a team of independent specialists – architect, engineers, contractor, subcontractors, and so on – who each have their own processes and time constraints. Because they are independent, much of their work is done separately.

In this very linear process, one vendor must often wait on another before they can do their part. When you add the time involved in drawing up and reviewing plans, bidding the project, and perhaps, re-drawing and re-bidding, plus building permit approvals, materials procurement, and lining up crews, a lot of precious time has been expended.

Preliminary phases in design-build are condensed and costs are established much earlier on, so construction can start sooner.

By contrast, all of those functions happen concurrently within Butler. Any third parties are engaged at the start in a collaborative process. So when Butler presents your design-build proposal, engineering of the unique building envelope is already determined, along with very tight pricing. This single-source responsibility reduces the overall production schedule and also provides greater process control; promotes inherently closer communication; and reduces your risk by eliminating redundancy.

Also, doing business with one entity – versus coordinating multiple partners – typically translates to fewer chances for balls to drop, mistakes to be made or schedules to slip.

The system is the solution.

Butler’s systems approach means that all significant building envelope components, such as structural, wall and roof systems, are ready for expedited site erection, optimizing in-place speed and costs. All structural parts are precision-engineered using state-of-the-art computer modeling and fabricated in the factory to facilitate faster assembly in the field, as opposed to requiring field modifications. In short, every Butler® component is designed, engineered, and manufactured to exact specifications, assuring fast assembly and long-term performance.

Through early collaborative design, even if you as the proposed building owner suddenly determine the need for a slight change in design plans – like adding square footage, re-configuring the space or enhancing energy-efficiency – Butler can adjust it easily. The integrated design of the building envelope eliminates the need for complicated design re-drawing and re-bidding. In comparison, a wrinkle like this in a conventional construction process would likely result in weeks, or even months, of additional time delays.

  • Day 01

    Actual results of a strategic engagement with Butler on a prototypical 1,000,000 sq. ft. warehouse and distribution center: erected in less than one month.

  • Day 15

    Actual results of a strategic engagement with Butler on a prototypical 1,000,000 sq. ft. warehouse and distribution center: erected in less than one month.

  • Day 20

    Actual results of a strategic engagement with Butler on a prototypical 1,000,000 sq. ft. warehouse and distribution center: erected in less than one month.

  • Day 28

    Actual results of a strategic engagement with Butler on a prototypical 1,000,000 sq. ft. warehouse and distribution center: erected in less than one month.

Speed is enhanced through replication.

It stands to reason that anything that can be produced fast, initially, can be produced even faster a second, third or fourth time. So, you might say, the sweet spot for the Butler systems approach is a construction program where the project owner wants to maintain a consistent aesthetic look and operational use or function, within a prototype footprint, across multiple building projects.

Again, conventional construction – even using the same partners and resources from a previous, similar project – cannot match Butler’s fast-track, turnkey schedule.

One critical aspect of this is that Butler offers the advantage of a well-established network of over 1,400 reputable Butler Builders, worldwide. Therefore, if you do business globally, or are considering a new, emerging market opportunity, Butler is in an excellent position to help you manage such an expansion. Strategically located manufacturing plants around the world also allow for shorter shipping distances and faster delivery times.

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Real examples substantiate success.

Here are just a few actual situations where Butler’s design-build approach led to surprising accomplishments across a wide variety of business types and construction needs.

  • A large, well-known consumer products company needed to fast track construction of a new 660,000 sq. ft. facility due to expiring leases. Butler met their timeline by delivering the project, beginning to end, in 150 days.
  • Butler was contracted by a branch of national defense to simultaneously design and build, on a turnkey basis, 30 fighter jet hangars in 10 different, but initially unknown, U.S. locations in 30 days. All 30 hangars were in place, on time. Ultimately 12 more hangars, including one additional location, were awarded and completed.
  • A new Butler design-build NFL training facility required only three weeks in the design phase and construction took just 100 days, approximately 4 months total.

For full details regarding these case studies, or to discuss speed-to-market advantages specific to your project, talk with a Butler Corporate Accounts Manager. We’ll arrange a convenient time to meet once you complete this contact form.

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