Five Advantages of Making Strong Connections


Partnerships are most commonly formed with financial institutions, law firms, peer groups, civic leaders, or government agencies. The necessity for establishing such ties is clear. But it’s less clear – or less widely recognized – as to how larger businesses can benefit from an on-going affiliation with a building solutions provider.

Butler Manufacturing offers an extensive and integrated global value chain for businesses that choose to connect in fulfilling their unique facility development requirements and objectives across the country or around the world.

Wide-ranging capabilities enable Butler to deliver significant, measurable benefits from engineered construction materials, design and delivery that enhance speed of construction and lower maintenance costs.

So, while connecting with Butler in a transaction-based approach can potentially save weeks off your facility schedule and reduce costs, connecting in a relationship-based approach, delivers even greater value through a deeper understanding of your business and greater optimization of initial construction costs, speed to market and improved return on facility operating expenses.

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Engaging directly and early with Butler can get your project completed up to 30% faster

Strong connections with Butler provide even stronger results as outlined in the following five business advantages.

1 Continuous engagement with Butler pays big dividends

Companies taking advantage of the Butler design-build approach only pay for engineering and design once, as opposed to conventional construction solutions where the process is often repeated when designs exceed budgets. By designing with engineered systems, Butler reduces expenditures on raw materials using value engineering to optimize in-place costs. Finally, through close and continuous collaboration, plus greater process alignment, Butler uncovers opportunities to eliminate waste in construction delivery and condense construction schedules.

2 Single point-of-contact eliminates confusion & redundancies

Many businesses often find themselves caught in a web of denial and disarray when difficult situations arise and multiple construction suppliers end up pointing fingers at one another. It’s because the team is fractured and there isn’t one partner willing to accept responsibility. Dealing with multiple suppliers also complicates communications, fosters inconsistencies and leads to idle time for trades. All of which yield very costly side effects. The systems-construction, design-build approach by Butler mitigates these costly side effects. As the systems solution manufacturer and source for design-build construction providers, Butler is the single point of contact.

3 Leveraging the Butler global network reduces risks

Very few companies have the global experience of Butler or the proven expertise to identify and overcome a variety of potential risks, including language barriers, timely access to materials and resources, cultural differences, and confusing codes compliance. Each country poses its own potential problems that threaten to delay construction or create serious impediments for companies without the benefit of a partner who has previous experience in dealing with these situations. Butler’s international expertise brings key learnings from thousands of international projects and a problem-solving perspective to global building strategies. In addition, working collaboratively with Butler helps to optimize building designs, streamline construction schedules (even in challenging markets) and reduce total building operating costs.

4 BIM technology elevates value-engineered efficiencies

Even though the construction industry, in general, has been slow to adopt new technologies, Butler is at the forefront of technological advancements that directly impact building designs, energy efficiency, cost of operation and return on investment. One example is Building Information Modeling, a sophisticated tool for presenting digital, 3-D images of the exterior and interior design of a proposed building to improve initial planning among all team members: design professionals, owners and contractors. This simple, interactive modeling program can minimize or eliminate costly job site adjustments or workarounds.

“SmartView helps building owners determine how much to invest upfront to fully capitalize on current and future total cost savings.”Tom Gilligan, President of Butler Manufacturing

5 SmartView models operating costs and energy savings

SmartView is a proprietary web-based, cost-analysis tool developed by Butler that simulates the cost implications of various construction plan alternatives. The program performs calculations to assess initial design and construction costs, energy costs (using DOE regional presets), maintenance, tax incentives, and rebates over the life of a building. SmartView brings more intelligence to bear on an otherwise complex and cumbersome process. It’s an advantage that only Butler can offer.

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