Total Cost of Ownership: the Decision Difference Maker

Having all of the facts at hand during the earliest stages of construction – even those of future significance – can make a crucial difference in your ultimate decision and its likely outcome.

Now with a very robust building cost analysis tool, exclusively from Butler®, weighing predictable lifetime cost implications for specific building projects is not just possible; it’s also very beneficial, eye-opening and reliable. Find out more about how you can get the verifiable data and insight you need to move your business forward.

Inside That Envelope Could Be Millions of Dollars in Lifetime Savings

There are surprising savings right in front of you. All you have to do is handle the envelope correctly. Of course, the envelope to which this article refers is not the kind that’s delivered to you. It’s the kind that delivers for you.

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Closely Examining the World’s Most Proven, Longest-Lasting Commercial Roof System

When evaluating roof systems for any commercial or industrial building, there are many important considerations. Generally, the one that is on most buyer’s minds is the initial cost. But, ironically, this is less important, because it accounts for only 10% of total costs over a building’s lifetime. The remaining 90% is on-going energy, maintenance and replacement costs.

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Balancing CAPEX Realities with OPEX Savings for Smarter Building Construction Decisions

It's a simple concept. Capital expenditures, comprise only 10% of total building costs while lifecycle operating costs make up the remaining 90%. So the smartest building construction decisions come from taking both into account.

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Five Things to Know About Cost Segregation

Per U.S. tax code, buildings (real property assets) are classified for 39-year depreciation. What many building owners don’t realize is that some assets, presumed to be part of a building’s structural elements, may be reclassified as non-integral personal property assets (a practice known as cost segregation).

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Three Strategies to Accelerate Data Center Deployment

Facility managers and decision-makers generally place a heavy focus on interior components during data center design and construction. Often overlooked, however, is the opportunity to optimize the building’s shell.

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Can One Company Answer All Data Center Construction Challenges?

Whether a large IT or colocation company, you’re confronted with many unique challenges to data center facility construction. Is there one provider with an answer for all of your requirements that won’t cause you to compromise?

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Are Your Buildings’ Operating Costs Going Through the Roof?

With too much emphasis on the near term and not enough regard for future cost implications, it’s easy to be penny wise and pound foolish. So how can your business optimize initial costs for a newly planned facility roof or roof retrofit and also increase total cost of ownership (TCO) savings?

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Mining Savings from Existing Buildings Can Significantly Boost the Bottom Line

There’s a goldmine in unexplored energy savings, utility rebates and tax incentives sitting right on your balance sheet. It comes in the form of major, long-term assets such as manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, processing plants and office buildings.

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Exclusive Modeling Tool Proves Future Value of Today’s Building Construction Decisions

The bane for any executive faced with a major capital investment is the years-later postmortem, “If I only knew then what I know now.” But imagine if you could actually know the long-term results of a construction investment before you ever commit a single dollar, including down the road cost ramifications and projected ROI.

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Build faster and open up new markets in far less time, without sacrificing quality, to seize a competitive advantage.

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Capture increasing sales opportunities overseas by identifying, and then mitigating, knowable risk exposures.

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